New Greenhouse underconstruction for 2018

The finished product ....... Cole crops in the ground and ready to grow!

What it means for our customers is simple. Earlier produce! 

Planting takes time and a lot of physical work as every home gardener knows. This machine makes all that so much easier and faster. 


If you would like to learn more about this technology checkout this link:

Since we are always looking for better ways of serving our customers, we are trying something new here at Herold's.

High-tunnels are semi permanent buildings similar in shape to a greenhouse. The difference is they are not permanent stuctures, the sides can be rolled up and down allowing for ventilation. There are raised beds inside similar to those you would have in a home garden. 

High-tunnel farming has been around for a while. There are many benefits to farming this way, but the major boost here in the north is the extended growing season. 

Each year we all wait "patiently" for homegrowns. But with the unpredictable weather around here getting the plants in the ground usually doesn't happen until late may mid june, so we are stuck getting fresh produce from counties south of us.

High-tunnels will help with this issue for one simple reason, they act as a protection from the elements. They can be heated when the temps dip low and are less likely to attract harmful insects. Less insects also means less pesticide.  All of this means earlier more abundant crops.

High-Tunnel Farming