7 weeks old ready for transplant.

Plant Nursery

Our seedlings are the same for you as we use in our fields. Popular here at Herold's are our tomatoes. Grown right here in our fields along with our vast selection of fresh produce, you won't find better quality in the valley. 

Other favorites here at Herold's include, Aucker's Honey products. Mrs. Miller's jams & Jellies. Jake and Amos products, homemade fudge, and Peter's Chocolate (seasonal). 

Come fall we are all about color! Beautiful hardy mums of every shade, corn stalks, and straw bales. Let's not forget pumpkins of every shape and size along with gourds that will wow your imagination. 

2 week old tomato seedlings.


Original Herold Home Circa 1920

Welcome to Herold's Farm Market!

Herold's has been family owned and part of the valley since 1890. Over the years it has evolved from a small road side stand. To what we are today. Our staff is knowledgable about our products and we pride ourselves on our customer service.  Our plants are grown right here in our plant nursery so your sure to get a healthy start to your home garden. Herold's Farm Market bedding plants are picked to be local climate friendly, so they are sure to thrive in our area.