Why not try the hot new trend.......succulent garden decorating in your home!

We now carry a wide variety to help you with the new DYI, as well as already planted dish gardens if you like the look but don't want the work.

Sunrosa™ Roses are an exciting new series introduced by a renown Japanese breeding company as as part of The Suntory® Collection. Sunrosa™ roses are beautiful, compact and bushy. They are highly disease resistant with low maintenance and long flowering period. 

Due to their compact habit, Sunrosa™ Roses are ideal for small to medium landscape spaces and patio containers. They need less pruning than typical shrub roses, and due to their high disease resistance, are easy to care for. They have also shown themselves to perform quite well in full to partail sun..

The single biggest distinguishing feature between the Drift Series Roses, and these Sunrosa Roses is their growth habit. While the Drift Series is a lower growing, spreading, groundcover type shrub that is often used for low growing hedges or groundcover uses...........the Sunrosa Series varieties are all much more compact, and shaped as a classic shrub rose. Blooming habit, timing, and overall appearance of blooms are all very similar between the two series of roses.

We strongly suggest that all Suntory Sunrosa Roses be pruned back in late winter / early spring after the last frost - to a height of approx 4" - 6". This type of pruning will allow for maximum new growth for the entire season, and maximum bloom capacity too. Also keeps an extremely nice dense, compact form to the shrubType your paragraph here.